Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Orange County Fair Entries

The Orange County Fair is just around the corner! I actually forgot about it until the day before the entries were due, oops! Luckily I had a few things ready:

1) I enjoyed watching my favorite yarn from the LA Yarn Crawl turn into this awesome rainbow shawl! Lace shawls are pretty common at the fair and I didn't win anything for the one I entered last year, but I thought I would give this one a try just because the yarn is so cool. The pattern for this shawl is available on Ravelry (not my design) and is called Mother of Dragons.

2) Next, because I am such a super-hero nerd I just had to make myself this Captain America sweater dress from the book Geek Knits! Normally, I struggle with modeling my projects so I asked a friend--who is a model herself and an excellent photographer--for some help with the posing and picture taking.

My last entry is my mermaid tail, which you've all seen and which has already had a couple of pattern sales on Etsy and Ravelry!

Because the OC fair gets such a huge volume of applicants, there is a juried selection process before entries are shown at the fair. Then there is yet another judging process to decide which things actually win prizes! I find out on Monday if any of my entries are selected for the fair. Wish me luck!



  1. Assunta,

    I really love the yarn and the shawl you made with it. It's so pretty! The Captain America dress is adorable and looks great on you! But, my absolute favorite is the mermaid tail! Not only because it's your own design, but because you look absolutely stunning in it! The perfect little Mermaid! I can almost see you swimming in the ocean in it!

    I wish you all the luck at the fair. I know it's very competitive, but you're very talented!

    - Momma Cat

  2. Good luck, Assunta, although I don't think you'll need it. Your projects are beautiful and very creative!